Town & Country Tree Care
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If you'd like to plant new trees, whether to replace felled trees or simply to fill in space in your grounds, come to Town and Country Tree Care in Bridport for professional tree planting services.


We can advise you on the best types of trees to suit your space and plant the saplings for you so you know they'll have the best start in life.

- Tree planting

- Advice on the right type of tree

- Qualified tree surgeons

- Fully insured

- Competitively priced

Improve your property

We do the hard work for you

We'll make sure that the saplings are planted to the correct depth and at the appropriate distance from other trees to avoid overcrowding in future.

All trees benefit from some care and attention. Our tree surgeons provide a full range of services, including hedge maintenance and site clearance, so you can be confident that your trees are getting the attention they need to stay strong.

Healthier trees

Contact us today for professional advice and support on planting new trees.

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Tree planting services in Bridport